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The most efficient way

to get fit.

Our online workouts with real trainers and live feedback guarantee you quick success, fun and motivation.


CULT’s strength endurance training is the most efficient method to build lean muscle mass and burn fat as quickly as possible. Our highly efficient functional fitness training enables you to achieve maximum success with minimum time expenditure: just one to two 40-minute workouts per week are enough.

Live Trainer

Our experienced trainers will guide you through each workout and give feedback. They explain every movement in detail and make sure you do all exercises correctly.



Motivating live trainings, cool group dynamics and interaction with the trainer ensure that you are motivated in the long term. Training stimuli are set, execution is improved and stamina is supported: You will reach your goals!



We offer a variety of bodyweight workouts per week for which you do not need any equipment or weights. As an ideal supplement we also offer workouts that you can do with a Kettlebell. This allows you to really train from anywhere.

And everything from the comfort of your own home.

Whether at home or on the road, all you need is your laptop
and you can start right away.

"The coach demonstrated the exercises excellently and I was able to follow really well. I really enjoyed it."

– Jule M.


How are the workouts structured?

All workouts are super-effective HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts and last for about 40-45 minutes. Our coaches lead you through the exercises, motivate you and give you live feedback. If you need an extra push, they will also help with that.

Which body parts are trained?

We do full body workouts in order to maximize your results.

What fitness level do I need to participate in one of your courses?

Our courses are aimed to bring everyone to his/her personal limit, no matter the fitness level. Our coaches will provide you different versions of exercises to appeal to everyone. If you are a complete beginner, feel free to take part, our workouts are not just for professional. The only requirement we have is that you are healthy in general and physically able to do sports. When in doubt, check with your physician. Should you not be able to do certain exercises, you can skip them nevertheless.

How can the coach give me feedback during the workout?

Our coaches can see you via webcam and will be able to provide feedback based on what they see.

Do the other participants see me?

Yes, our workouts are designed as a group experience. Everybody sees everyone just like in a real group fitness class. To protect your privacy, the video streams of the participants are rather small and everyone watches his/her own training first and foremost. When in doubt, just try out our workouts once. You will most likely like it. At least this is what most participants tell us.

What is the intensity of the workouts?

This depends on your personal fitness. Our coaches always aim to bring you to your personal limit (but not further), no matter your fitness level.

Do I need any equipment?

Most of our classes are bodyweight only. Thus, you only need a laptop with webcam. We recommend that you also have a bottle of water and a towel with you.
One class per week is taught with Kettlebells. This class is clearly marked in the schedule. If you want to participate in a Kettlebell Class, you need to have your own Kettlebell.

How much does a workout cost and how do I pay?

We charge €9.99 per workout including VAT. If you purchase multiple workouts in advance, we offer discounts. In return, you get a live group fitness experience with a real trainer, that gives you feedback and motivates you. We believe that this is more than fair. In comparison a class at Soulcycle would cost you around €35.

Where do I see the current workout schedule?

Directly after logging in, you can see all available classes and reserve your spot for the desired time and date.

Do you offer additional time slots to the ones in the schedule?

We are constantly making more time slots available. Should you wish another workout slot, just drop us an email at

I have other questions. How can I get an answer?

You can either ask your question on our page on producthunt. Alternatively, feel free to email us at:

Do you still have excuses?